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Mukul Saini मई 27, 2023

Totok apk letest version Free download for iOS

ToTok APK is a game-changing messaging app that revolutionizes communication. With its intuitive interface and innovative features, ToTok delivers a seamless and delightful messaging experience. The APK version empowers users to easily download and install ToTok on their Android devices, enabling them to connect with loved ones across the globe via free HD video calls and voice chats. Boasting exceptional audio and video quality, multimedia capabilities, group calling options, and robust encryption, ToTok APK ensures effortless connectivity, self-expression, and secure conversations. Don’t miss out on the future of communication – get ToTok APK today and embark on a transformative messaging journey.

What is the Totok apk ?

Communication has become increasingly vital in our modern digital era. ToTok apk Messenger provides a simple, fast, and enjoyable way to stay connected with loved ones, no matter the distance. With ToTok apk , users can take advantage of free HD video calls and voice chats, all while ensuring the security of their conversations. Let’s explore the exceptional features that make ToTok the go-to messaging app.

Latest Version Request ToTok – Free HD Video Calls & Voice Chats Update 1.9.1
Updated on Apr 12, 2023
Uploaded by ToTok
Requires Android Android 5.0+
Category Free Communication App
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Totok apk outstanding feature :-

Unlimited Free Calls – Connect with Loved Ones Worldwide

ToTok stands out with its outstanding feature: unlimited free voice and video calls. Say goodbye to worrying about long-distance charges or expensive international calling rates. ToTok enables users to connect with family and friends worldwide through high-quality video and voice calls, as long as they have an internet connection.

No Fees – Communication Made Affordable

ToTok leverages your internet connection to facilitate communication, eliminating the need for costly messaging and calling services. Enjoy a seamless communication experience without the burden of hefty bills. ToTok is completely free to download and use, offering an ad-free experience without any in-app purchases.

High-Quality Audio and Video Calls – Crystal-Clear Conversations

ToTok goes the extra mile to enhance the quality of communication. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), ToTok optimizes voice clarity, reduces echo, and ensures smooth two-way conversations. This results in an unparalleled voice and video calling experience, allowing users to stay connected with their loved ones no matter where they are.

Multimedia Support – Express Yourself Fully

ToTok understands the significance of expression in communication. That’s why it comes equipped with a wide range of multimedia features. Users can send text messages, share audio and video files, use emojis, exchange photos, send voice messages, share GIFs, locations, and even name cards. With ToTok, expressing experiences and emotions with loved ones becomes effortless.

Supergroups and Group Calling – Connect with a Community

ToTok takes group communication to new heights. With the ability to accommodate supergroups of up to 10,000 members, users can easily bring together family and friends in group chats. Additionally, ToTok supports HD group video calls with up to 20 participants, enabling lively conversations and the creation of lasting memories together.

Retouch Filter for Video Calls – Present Your Best Self

In the age of video communication, ToTok recognizes the importance of looking and feeling your best during video calls. To facilitate this, it offers a built-in, real-time retouch filter. Users can tap a button to smooth their skin and conceal any flaws, ensuring they always present a more polished version of themselves to their family and friends.

Other Party’s Time – Respect Time Zones

ToTok understands the challenges of coordinating communication across different time zones. With the “Other Party’s Time” feature, users can avoid disturbing loved ones who live abroad. By displaying their local time in one-on-one chats, users can easily find the most suitable time to connect and have meaningful conversations without interrupting their daily routines.

Secure and Private – Safeguarding Your Confidentiality

At ToTok, user safety and privacy are top priorities. To ensure the security of user data, ToTok employs advanced encryption techniques, including 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and other robust security measures. Users can rest assured that all their ToTok Messenger texts, audio, and video chats are protected against unauthorized access.

Contact Integration – Effortlessly Connect with Friends

To provide a seamless user experience, ToTok integrates with users’ phone contacts. By granting ToTok access to their contacts, users can effortlessly connect with friends across various devices. When users mutually add someone as a phone contact, they will be automatically added to their ToTok contact list. This synchronization ensures continuous updates and secure storage of contacts on ToTok’s heavily encrypted servers.

We Value Your Feedback

At ToTok, constant improvement of the product and service is a priority. User feedback, questions, and concerns are highly appreciated. ToTok welcomes suggestions and offers assistance at [email protected]. User input plays a crucial role in shaping the future of ToTok and ensuring effective communication needs are met.

Join Our Beta Test Program

ToTok apk is always at the forefront of providing users with the latest design enhancements and features. Those eager to experience cutting-edge updates before their official release are invited to join the ToTok Beta test program. Beta testers have the opportunity to explore new functionalities and provide valuable feedback to shape the future of ToTok.

Conclusion Totok apk

ToTok apk Messenger revolutionizes communication, making it simpler, faster, and more enjoyable than ever. With its free HD video calls and voice chats, ToTok apk enables users to effortlessly connect with family and friends worldwide. The app’s unlimited free calls, high-quality audio and video, multimedia support, and secure encryption ensure a seamless and private communication experience.

Whether users are sharing precious moments through group video calls, expressing themselves through multimedia features, or respecting time zones with the Other Party’s Time feature, ToTok has them covered. Embrace the power of technology to stay connected, build stronger relationships, and bridge distances with ToTok Messenger.

Join the ToTok apk community today and experience the future of communication. Download ToTok for free and embark on a journey of effortless and secure communication with loved ones. Together, let’s create meaningful connections that transcend boundaries.


Is ToTok Accessible in India?

Yes, ToTok, a messaging app, is available in India. It can be downloaded for free from various sources. You can find it on ToTok’s official website or app stores like Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo. Additionally, ToTok is also available on third-party stores such as Apkpure, UpToDown, Aptoide, GetJar, and Softonic.

Can I Install ToTok on Android?

Certainly! ToTok is compatible with Android devices, and Android users can download the dedicated ToTok – Free HD Video Voice Calls APK designed specifically for their devices.

Is ToTok Listed on the Play Store?

ToTok has been removed from the Google Play Store due to concerns regarding its potential use for spying and mass surveillance by the UAE government. This removal marks the second time that the app has been pulled from both the Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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