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Singer Sonu Nigam Attacked at Music Event in Mumbai

Mukul Saini फ़रवरी 21, 2023

Singer Sonu Nigam Attacked at Music Event in Mumbai
Photo credit-Sonu Nigam Instagram

In a shocking incident, famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam and his team were attacked by a Shiv Sena member during a concert in Chembur suburb of Mumbai.  The incident has left the music industry and fans across the country in a state of shock and outrage.

Sonu Nigam and His Brother Attacked, Admitted to Hospital

During the music festival, Sonu Nigam and his brother were both attacked by the Shiv Sena member. While Sonu Nigam is reported to be out of danger, his brother is said to have sustained injuries. Both of them were immediately admitted to the hospital for medical attention.

Bodyguard Saves Sonu Nigam from Attack During Music Festival

Sonu Nigam has credited his bodyguard for saving him from the attack during the music festival. The singer was performing on stage when a local MLA’s son, who was a member of the Shiv Sena party, approached the stage to take a photo with him. The man then went on to ask Sonu’s manager to leave the stage, which led to an altercation. As Sonu was getting down from the stage, the Shiv Sena member pushed him onto the stairs behind the stage, injuring him in the process.

Local MLA Belonging to Shiv Sena Party Misbehaves with Nigam’s Manager

The incident took place when a local MLA, belonging to the Shiv Sena party led by Uddhav Thackeray, misbehaved with Sonu Nigam’s manager Saira. The MLA’s son wanted to click a photo with the renowned singer, which led to the incident. The incident has sparked outrage and calls for action against the Shiv Sena member, who has been accused of attacking Sonu Nigam and his team.

The incident has once again brought to the forefront the issue of safety and security of artists and performers in India. While such incidents are not new, they serve as a reminder of the need for better protection and safety measures for artists in the country.

In conclusion, 

the attack on Sonu Nigam and his team during a music festival in Mumbai is a worrying incident that highlights the need for better safety measures for artists and performers in India. It is important that steps are taken to ensure the safety and security of artists in the country, and that incidents such as this do not occur in the future.

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