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Six reasons why some people dislike the popular BTS band

Mukul Saini फ़रवरी 16, 2023


Why people hate BTS band
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As a BTS ARMY, it’s often hard to understand why some people seem to have an aversion to the globally acclaimed Korean pop group, BTS. From social media attacks to offensive comments, BTS has experienced its fair share of hate. As a result, it is essential to understand why people hate on BTS to combat misinformation and work towards promoting positive perceptions of the band. 

Here are six possible reasons why haters hate BTS:

1. BTS’s Make-Up

One reason why haters hate BTS is because of their makeup. To someone unfamiliar with the K-Pop industry, it’s common to view the smoky eyes and bright lips in music videos as feminine or even girly. However, male and female K-Pop artists wear makeup to prevent looking exhausted and to appear brighter and younger on camera. Even if BTS does not want to wear makeup, they have to. Haters who criticize them for wearing makeup do not understand the K-Pop culture, and the members of BTS ignore these comments.

2. K-Pop Aversion

Just like how people have different preferences when it comes to food or clothing, people have diverse music tastes. A significant number of BTS haters dislike K-Pop itself, and they hate BTS more than other K-Pop artists because they are the most popular ones. Their music and style are not everyone’s cup of tea, but that does not mean that they should attack BTS online.

3. Popularity and Success

Haters envy BTS’s popularity and success. Every year, BTS continues to grow and has become the most influential group artist worldwide. They hold 28 world record titles and have been inducted into the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame in September 2021 for their many achievements. In June 2021, they became the most streamed group on Spotify of all time with over 16.3 billion streams. They have been the first Korean group to break multiple records, including topping the iTunes Top Songs chart in the United States, performing on a major U.S. award show, and winning nine American Music Awards. Haters dislike seeing a group of Korean boys outperforming American artists and paving the way for other Korean artists.

4. RM and Suga’s Transition to Idols

Some haters dislike BTS because RM and Suga left underground rapping to become idols. RM was “Runch Randa,” “Largo,” “The Nexist,” and “Stealo,” tearing up the underground hip hop scene. He was also a part of the Black Pirates crew. Before Suga debuted as a BTS member, he was a member of the famous band where he had his short rap career. He used to be an underground rapper by the name Gloss. The members of BTS have worked tirelessly to get to where they are now, and to some, it’s unfair that they left the underground scene to become idols.

5. Language Barrier

Another reason why some people dislike BTS is because of the language barrier. Not everyone can understand or appreciate their lyrics, which can be a major factor for people who don’t like the band. However, BTS’s music goes beyond language. Their music videos are beautifully shot, and their dance choreographies are impressive. Haters who dismiss the band solely because of the language barrier are missing out on the group’s artistry.

6. Fan Culture

Lastly, some haters dislike BTS because of their fan culture. The ARMY is one of the most dedicated fandoms, and while the overwhelming support is commendable, the passion can sometimes lead to negative behavior. Some fans take their love for BTS too far, causing online chaos, and this negative fan behavior can reflect poorly on the group. However, BTS cannot be held responsible for the actions of their fans,


In conclusion, there are many reasons why haters might dislike BTS. Some of these reasons are based on misconceptions or misunderstandings about the K-Pop industry, while others are fueled by jealousy and envy. However, it’s important to remember that BTS’ success and popularity are a result of their hard work, talent, and genuine message of self-love and acceptance. As fans, it’s important to continue supporting BTS and spreading their positive message, while also being respectful of others who might not share the same love for the group.

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